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October 31st, 2015
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Rescued from Northern State Hospital Farm in 2010.

The following are theories based on information gathered by White Noise Paranormal.

What constitutes credible paranormal evidence?

Paranormal investigations can be tedious. When it comes to evidence, It's not about what you know, it's what you can prove. As paranormal investigators we are required to attempt a recreation of potential evidence before presenting it as proof. Evidence must be presented in a scientifically measurable manner before it can be made credible.

Spirit Orbs

The Spirit Orb is a theoretical representation of what many believe to be of paranormal origin and is relentlessly speculated upon by amateur photographers and paranormal investigators alike.

The fact is Orbs can be caused by any number of things. More often than not the flash of a camera is responsible for illuminating free floating debris like dust and other times moisture, rain and insects are to blame.
Why do Orbs suddenly appear in one photo and disappear in the next? Think of dust as a two dimensional square, when turned on it's side it disappears from view but when the flat end is exposed it becomes visible and even reflects light. Doesn't sound very paranormal now does it?

There is a difference between dust particles and Spirit Orbs(If there is such a thing). Dust particles are often dull in color(or lack there of) and are only capable of reflecting light where Spirit Orbs are said to emit their own light.


With the assumption that ghosts are real and are capable of speaking in a frequency detectable only by audio recording devices, we are lead to believe that not only are these voices being captured audibly but some times they seem to be transferred directly on to the digital recorders memory. If this is true it could explain why some times it's audible and other times we rely on our digital recorders to do the job.

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