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October 31st, 2015
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Questions & Answers

We have gained much knowledge of the paranormal during our investigations so it is here we would like to share that knowledge with you.

What is a Ghost?

A Ghost is widely believed by paranormal investigators to be a disembodied human spirit. There is plenty of speculation but there is no difinitive proof as to why a spirit may linger as a ghost or if ghosts are human spirits at all.

Some believe that common earth elements like quartz are responsible for the phenomenon by recording a persons energy while that person is alive and replaying it over and over again like a broken record long after they are dead.

What is a Poltergeist?

There are many different theories floating around about what a Poltergeist actually is. Some believe that a Poltergeist is a psychokinetic response manifested in the form of aggressive and violent outbursts usually centered around a single person. The source of the phenomenon is unknown but is said to be brought on by stress of all types.

A simple difiniton of the word Poltergeist would be that of a malicious spirit with the potential to move objects or on rare occassions injure the living.

What is a Demon?

A Demon is said to be a malevolent spirit capable of manipulating the living as well as the dead in to doing it's bidding.

What are Orbs?

There is a difference between a dust partical and Orbs. You can always tell the difference between a dust partical and an Orb by looking at whether or not the Orb in question is illuminating it's own light rather than reflecting it. Dust particals are often dull and grey where other orbs take on color from the light they are reflecting. Don't mistake a colored dust partical for a self illuminating Orb!

What is an intelligent haunting?

Intelligent hauntings are believed to be Disembodied Human Spirits that are aware of the world around them and may attempt to communicate or make you aware of their presence. This can be a disturbing phenomenon but ultimately harmless. If the phrase "Intelligent Haunting" is conclusive to the meaning then you should remember ghosts are people too.

What is a residual haunting?

A residual haunting is believed to be caused by earth elements, for example quartz which may be responsible for recording a persons energy while that person is alive and replaying it over and over again like a broken record long after they are dead. If this is true, then it is also true that the spirit in question is nothing more than a recording and has no idea you are there.

What is an EVP?

EVP "Electronic Voice Phenomenon" is an event in which voices are captured via digital recorder or other such audio recording devices.

It is widely believed by paranormal researchers that audible voices or otherwise known as "Voice Phenomenon" are best obtained via recording device making it easier to hear thus transforming the "Voice Phenomenon" in to a EVP " Electronic Voice Phenomenon. "
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