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October 31st, 2015
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Rescued from Northern State Hospital Farm in 2010.

The following is based on information gathered by White Noise Paranormal.

It takes more than a thrill seeker. Let's examine the basic equipment of the modern day paranormal investigator. Often a Digital Recorder is used to capture disembodied voices. A Digital Camera can be used to capture visual representations of the paranormal. Infrared "Night Vision" is a friendly companion in a dark space and is often applied to Camcorders for various purposes whether it be to entertain or to simply document a situation or experience.

Although some times helpful, equipment used in a paranormal investigation is purely experimental and can be misinterpreted as paranormal. It is important not to jump to the conclusion that our equipment and method style is the end all to conducting a paranormal investigation, but rather a gateway to a less mainstream way of investigating.

With time comes new thinking. The fact is there are no qualifications for being a paranormal investigator so with time comes the ability to think outside the box. What makes a seasoned investigator can be measured upon his or her ability to think critically, openly and apply science as a means to validate or disprove an occurrence.

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