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October 31st, 2015
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Rescued from Northern State Hospital Farm in 2010.

White Noise Paranormal Client Policy

White Noise Paranormal is not affiliated or involved with the Media:
White Noise Paranormal is not a media or news related organization, meaning that we do not take our investigation findings to the press and media for recognition without express permission from a location owner.

Though you may see or hear us on a media outlet, no case information will be revealed without the expressed written permission of those involved.
White Noise Paranormal will be discrete while conducting an investigation, if requested:
White Noise Paranormal will arrive at your location with the fewest vehicles possible; vehicles will have no team advertising on them.
White Noise Paranormal at times wears team shirts for an investigation. If a discrete investigation is requested, we will wear “normal” everyday clothes with no team logos or names on them.
White Noise Paranormal Investigation Policies.
Please allow us a minimum of 6-7 hours to conduct a full scale investigation of your location.

Interviews will be asked of witnesses and owners of a location on claims of activity, along with the history of the location. We will provide the proper release forms for filming this matter.

Extensive measurements and readings will be taken with digital voice recorders (DVRs); electromagnetic detector (EMF), digital thermal readers, motion detectors, and photographic & video equipment will be used.

Though not an exact science, White Noise Paranormal believes in the scientific approach of paranormal investigating.
White Noise Paranormal will not conduct séances, or utilize psychics or mediums for investigative tactics.

Scientific equipment is used to conduct investigations and document results.

White Noise Paranormal is dedicated to keeping all personal belongings in the same order that they were in prior t our investigation.
White Noise Paranormal pledges to never disclose to anyone the contents of a home or business, unless required by law. This is for insurance and legal purposes.

All images, audio and video captured are property of White Noise Paranormal.
A client has the right to be anonymous in the filming process. White Noise Paranormal will ensure this by all means necessary.
We will happily provide you with a C.D. or DVD (free of charge) with all the pertinent photographs, audio, video, along with member notes. Reviewing evidence can take hours, days or weeks. This depends on our caseload and the level of paranormal activity at your location.

Client Policy
Privacy Policy

All video, Audio, images and content contained within this Website are the sole property of White Noise Paranormal.