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October 31st, 2015
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Not all paranormal research organizations are the same. Unfortunately many research organizations don't share the scientific ideal.

Substituting the truth without scientific data can be dangerous. " You can't help those to understand that which you don't understand. "

The truth is that paranormal researchers have barely begun to scratch the surface in recent years so with a complete lack of scientific data to support a theory, the existence of spirits is nothing more than a hypothesis at best and therefore has yet to be proven. The day science can prove the existence of and explain the origin and cause of spirits is the day spirits cease to be paranormal.

White Noise Paranormal is a long standing group of dedicated and well educated individuals working together by means of science to hypothesize the origin and cause of paranormal phenomena in an effort to create a scientific-theory that will better help us to understand, discount or prove the existence of said phenomena.

Our TV series helps promote the many establishments that we've had the pleasure of conducting our paranormal investigations and offers great exposure for the businesses involved. To find out more about our TV Series head over to and take a look!

Our team of researchers will always treat you and your establishment with the utmost respect.
White Noise will never publicly reveal the identity of a location prior to the investigation.
Your location will be portrayed in a positive light and well promoted as careful preparation, consideration and common sense is utilized by our researchers at all times.

We will never charge you for our services.

What to expect

When we are given the opportunity to investigate a location that is said to have paranormal activity, the first step is to tour the location and listen to the claims of activity. We may need to document these conversations in the form of a digital recording or video. If for some reason you wish not to be recorded we can then take notes. In order to become familiar with a location we must be given the opportunity to walk the location and explore. We also need to take photos and video of the location.

During the actual investigation we will need to have a time frame of 5-7 hours. An investigation can at times be an extensive process. As a property owner you are of course going to be skeptical of strangers in your domain and have every right to be. White Noise Paranormal will ALWAYS be respectful of your property and will not deface or harm it in any way. Please keep in mind that paranormal activity is something that does not happen on cue, meaning we may have to revisit the location for a repeat investigation if you wish for us to find the evidence you seek.

Upon completion of the investigation we will share with you the evidence we have gained such as but not limited to video, audio recordings and photographs. It is not the goal of our group to tell you if your location is haunted or not. We will leave that conclusion to you with the evidence provided. Our group will in no way slander your residence or place of business in our findings. The goal of White Noise Paranormal is to show the public the history of your location with the findings. We will not include any personal feelings we have about a location of business, we find that to be unprofessional in our field of scientific investigation.

White Noise Paranormal is not a group of thrill seeking “ghost hunters”. We pride ourselves on being a scientific research group of the paranormal. We are not in this to make a name for ourselves at the expense of our clients; we are in this for the quest of knowledge of the paranormal, and to share this knowledge with the public in a professional manner. So rest assured you will not need to worry about the reputation of your location.

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